Telegraph book review legitimizes appalling anti-Israel propaganda

UK Media Watch

Even by the low standards we’re accustomed to in our continuous monitoring of the British media’s coverage of Israel, the uncritical review of Ben Ehrenreich book, The way to the spring: life and death in Palestine, which appeared in the Aug. 6 print edition of The Telegraph, is appalling.

Similar to the Economist’s review of the same book that we posted about last month,  the Telegraph reviewer shows extraordinary credulousness in the face of Ehrenreich’s Pallywood tale featuring the Tamimisof the West Bank town of Nabi Saleh.

The Telegraph review begins thusly, treating as serious journalism Ehrenreich’s risible propaganda:

Ben Ehrenreich describes the Israeli occupation of the West Bank as “a giant humiliation machine, a complex and sophisticated mechanism for the production of human despair”. It is “not just the settlements and the soldiers in their hilltop bases”, the American journalist writes, “but the checkpoints, the travel restrictions, the permits…

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