Obsessive criticism of Israel and its humanitarian impact in two images

UK Media Watch

Let’s begin by stating what should be obvious: Israel, like all countries, should not of course be immune to criticism.  However, those of us who comment on the disproportionate criticism the Jewish state receives are often struck by how this obsessive and often myopic opprobrium serves to drown out attention to other conflicts and, especially, to other victims deserving of our sympathy.  Israel (the most progressive state in the region by far) and Syria (the most brutal, repressive and violent regime) present great examples within this paradigm. 

Former AP Jerusalem correspondent Matti Friedman made the following argument in his viral 2014 analysis at Tablet:

To offer a sense of scale: Before the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, the permanent AP presence in that country consisted of a single regime-approved stringer. The AP’s editors believed, that is, that Syria’s importance was less than one-40th that of Israel…Staffing levels in…

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