Evening Standard obscures anti-Zionist extremism in London with Jewish fig leaf

The Evening Standard’s decision to downplay the extremism at last Friday’s ‘Al Quds’ day march in London – part of an international event inaugurated in 1979 by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini – was evident in the photo used to illustrate the story by Hannah Al-Othman (London pro-Palestine demo sees thousands take to the streets, July 4th).


As you can see in the caption beneath the photo of the child whose face is painted to match the Palestinian flag, the march is characterized as “peaceful”, a word used again in the strapline to describe the event.

However, though the march may have been ‘non-violent’ in the narrow sense of the word, the slogans of many protesters were anything but peaceful.  David Collier (a blogger who attended the rally) and others reported that many marchers held flags of the terrorist group Hezbollah and posters supportng the group. Additionally, The Jewish Chroniclereported a…

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