Guardian: Raid on Entebbe sowed seeds of right-wing Israeli militarism

UK Media Watch

Saul David’s book ‘Operation Thunderbolt: Flight 139 And The Raid On Entebbe Airport’ (read by this writer) is an extremely informative, carefully researched and, at times, gripping account of one of the most daring hostage rescue missions of all time. David’s comprehensive, hour-by-hour retelling of the eight days in late June and early July 1976 – from the moment the Paris bound plane was hijacked by Palestinian and German terrorists to the stunning lightning raid by Israeli commandos on the airport in Uganda – was based on archival documents and interviews with major participants.

operation-thunderbolt-by-saul-davidAlmost without exception, there was little if any sign of ideological bias in David’s historical account of this extraordinary event.

We say “almost”, because his postscript includes this extremely curious rumination:

Most Israelis are understandably proud of what their soldiers achieved at Entebbe. But are they aware of the raid’s long-term political consequences? Did it make…

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