UK Media Watch prompts substantive improvement to Times of London water story

On June 16th, we posted on the latest viral smear against Israel – the ‘claim’ that water was cut off to Palestinians in the West Bank ‘during Ramadan’.  Both the Independent and Times of London (among other publications) amplified these charges in articles that were, at best, extraordinarily misleading.

More recently, we posted on the relatively superficial changes both publications made to their original stories, despite evidence we presented to their editors demonstrating that their stories were fundamentally inaccurate.

However, though the Independent still refuses to budge, after a series of emails to editors at Times of London – which included information we received from COGAT and Mekorot – they agreed to make one substantive change, adding the following additional text to the online version of their article:

new textThis is important, and reinforces our central arguments from the beginning of this story – facts which totally…

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