The Assault on Israel’s Legitimacy by Letter.

UK Media Watch

Regular readers of The Guardian and CiF will no doubt have noticed both the somewhat disproportionate (to take a word out of the Guardian’s dictionary) number of anti-Israel letters published on the letters page and the fact that a significant number of those letters are signed by members of a certain group of people known for their associations with the BDS and other anti-Israel campaigns.

In order to check whether my initial impression of lack of balance was justified, I decided to take a look at the letters printed over the last six weeks in order to assess the ratio between the space provided to those intent on undermining Israel’s legitimacy, and those seeking the right of reply.  During that period of time, seven anti-Israel letters were published compared to one letter of reply in defence of Israel.

1)      October 7th, 2010:

A letter stating that “The…

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