Guardian, like the New York Times, fails to use word ‘terror’ in Tel Aviv attack reports

UK Media Watch

On June 9th, CAMERA’s Alex Safiancommented on the New York Times’ failure to use the word “terror” to refer to the deadly Palestinian attack on civilians in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, despite the fact that the Times used the root word “terror” fourteen times in a different June 8th story about a hypothetical attack in France in preparation for the Euro 2016 football tournament.

Similarly, our review of fourseparatereports by the Guardian showed that the media group also failed to use the term “terror” in describing the Tel Aviv attack – except when quoting Israeli officials.

shootingGuardian, June 8th

(In contrast,The Times,Telegraphand Independent all used the term “terror” or “terrorist” at least once – without quotes – in their reports on the killings.)

Instead of “terror” attack, the Guardian opted instead for “shooting” or just “attack”.  And, instead of “terrorist”…

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