Israel sunk the Titanic – New hashtag roils against anti-Israel media bias

Behind The News

International media outlets provoked a firestorm of outrage on Thursday when a number of news purveyors including CNN, the BBC and the Guardian revealed media bias in their reports of the Tel Aviv attack at Sarona Market on Wednesday evening.

The attack, that left four people dead and 16 wounded, was perpetrated by two Palestinian terrorists from Southern Hevron.

Most of the media outlets failed to identify the incident as an act of terror and even neglected to use the words “terror” or “terrorism” in their reports and instead labeled the tragedy a “shooting incident.”

CNN’s official report of the incident even placed the word “terrorists” in its headline in quotations.

But now, the fed-up public has decided to strike back with a new twitter campaign called #Stupid_CNN, that aims to make light of the increasingly hostile foreign media.


The Israeli tweeter Amir Moyal, who uploaded the first meme of this sort…

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