Antisemitic trope at the Indy: Israeli minister called “bloodthirsty”

The blood-libel motif originated in the twelfth century in England and alleged that Jews needed Christian blood for their Passover service. In today’s Arab world – and in some far-left anti-Israel circles – this staple image of unbridled hatred has mutated into Israel’s alleged quest for Palestinian blood.

The changing nature of antisemitism – whereby racists used to attack Jews qua Jews, but now attack Israel as ‘the Jew write large’ – resulted in the inclusion of such modern day libels into the EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism

Though most mainstream British media sites stay clear of such overt antisemitic motifs or language, in 2013 The Sunday Times had to apologize following the publication (on Holocaust Memorial Day) of a cartoon depicting a bloody trowel wielding Israeli Prime Minister torturing innocent souls.

In response to some who argued, in Scarfe’s defense, that he previously depicted Syria’s Assad using a…

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