Daily Mail caption refers to Israel’s security barrier as an “apartheid wall” (UPDATE)

UK Media Watch

A good illustration of how anti-Zionist agitprop seeps into mainstream news reports can be found in the following photo caption from a June 6th Daily Mailarticle about the ‘radical’ British graffiti artist (and anti-Israel propagandist) known as Bansky:

daily mail photo

Characterizing Israel’s security fence – erected in response to Palestinian suicide bombings during the Second Intifada originating from West Bank cities such as Bethlehem – as an “apartheid wall” is an egregious distortion of the truth, and parrots the incendiary rhetoric of extremist anti-Israel activists.

Suggesting that Israel engages in racial segregation (or “apartheid”) by erecting such a fence fails the most obvious tests of logic and common sense. First, Palestinian Arabs who live in the West Bank – and are on the other side of the fence – are not citizens of Israel.  The fence is based on national differences, not racial ones.  Claiming that Israel’s barrier represents…

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