Ken Livingstone’s chopped liver

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Ken Livingstone is a left-wing anti-Nazi anti-racist former Mayor of London. David Irving is not, but was briefly famous for having lost a Holocaust Denial trial. Livingstone and Irving could never be accused of being natural bedfellows. There are, however, similarities:   

  • First, a strange and unpleasant compulsion to keep talking about Hitler, Nazis and the Holocaust.
  • Second, a troubling tendency to spin historical facts and contexts.
  • Third, a curious over-reliance upon unreliable sources.
  • Fourth, an unfortunate habit of making their enemies’ points for them. 
  • Fifth, further to all of the above, when in a hole, they just keep on digging. 
  • Sixth, a new point of similarity. The offering of prizes to those who can prove them wrong. For Irving, it was £1,000 for documentation showing Hitler knew of the Holocaust. For Livingstone, it is “a free meal for anyone who…

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