Robert Fisk praises extremist who called Zionists “Nazis with beards and black hats”.

Here’s what The Independent’s ‘award winning’ Middle East analyst Robert Fisk wrote about Jewish writer Norman Finkelstein in his May 5th op-ed, in the context of praising the putatively pro-Palestinian sympathies of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Again, it was a Jewish academic – Norman Finkelstein, another noble soul like Gideon Levy – who has been pointing out that Sanders, the first Jewish presidential candidate in US history, has been “sweeping the Arab vote” in all the primaries and “forged a principled alliance with Arabs and Muslims”. 

A “noble soul”?

You might recognize the following image that Finkelstein shared on his blog on August 4, 2014 suggesting the ‘Jewish problem’ in the Middle East can be solved “transporting” Israel’s Jews to America.


As you also likely recall, a day later, it was shared on Facebook by one of the more high profile Labour Party members embroiled in the current antisemitism…

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