A quick note to British journalists on why you shouldn’t call Jews ‘Nazis’

One of the antisemitic tropes on display within the current Labour Party antisemitism row is some variation of the claim that Israeli policies are like those of Nazi Germany.  This simply repellent charge – which has resulted in the suspension of several Labour Party members – suggests that, as former MP David Ward put it a couple of years ago, Jews have not only failed to ‘learn the lessons’ from the Holocaust, but actually exhibit Nazi-like behavior towards the Palestinians today. 

Indeed, one of the few positive developments of the Labour scandal is that the British media – for the most part – has not even attempted to justify such views. Official editorials, op-eds and straight news stories that we’ve monitored have accepted the premise that such Nazi-Israel analogies – considered antisemitic per the EUMC Working Definition – are intellectually unserious and morally beyond the pale.

However, there have been

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