Why won’t Guardian cartoonists speak truth to Jihadist power after #ParisAttack?

An Indyop-ed by cartoonist Tim Sanders criticizing a recent Daily Mail cartoon published in the aftermath of the ISIS Paris attacks, which depicts fleeing Muslim refugees as rats, correctly argues that the imagery “revolting” and designed to provoke anti-immigrant and racist sentiment.

But, he made one additional point:

I think the problem here is that of choosing one’s targets. The job of the satirist and cartoonists is indeed to offend and outrage, but who do we want to offend? For me, it is the powerful, the rich, those who make decisions that can ruin or end the lives of other ‘lesser’ beings. Attacking the poor and weak isn’t satire – it’s bullying.

Cartoonists have a duty to offend, but they also have responsibilities. One of those is not to attack the victims of those in power.

Indeed, this same argument was advanced last year by the Guardian’s Martin Rowson, who…

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