Times of London embraces the ‘Israeli root cause’ explanation for Palestinian violence

The implicit narrative advanced by Gregg Carlstrom in a Times of London article about Israel’s recent demolition of a terrorist’s home is one often embraced in the UK media: that the manner in which Israel responds to terror leads Palestinians to carry out additional deadly attacks against Jews.  

Here’s the headline of his article (Israeli punishment to end violence backfires, Nov. 2):

times of londn headline

Carlstrom suggests that the decision by a Palestinian named Alaa Abu Jamal to engage in the car ramming and hacking to death last month of a religious Jew in Jerusalem was triggered by the demolition, by Israeli authorities, of his cousin’s home for his part in a deadly attack on Jewish worshippers at a synagogue in Har Nof last year.

Here are the relevant passages from Carlstrom’s report:

Alaa Abu Jamal’s relatives busied themselves with screwdrivers, removing furniture and pulling clocks off the wall in a home…

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