Economist uses Neturei Karta photo to illustrate US Jews’ support for Iran Deal

UK Media Watch

Early this morning, The Economisttweeted the following link and photo to promote a featured story on their website (Fighting Talk, Sept. 5th) with the same image of ‘American Jewish protesters’, with the caption “The disputatious diaspora”.

Of course, as tweeters quickly pointed out to The Economist, the group highlighted in the photo (Neturei Karta) represents a very strange editorial choice in story about American Jewish opinion about the Iran Deal.

first tweet

second tweet

third tweet

fourth tweet

fifth tweet

sixth tweet

It is narrowly true, as the article points out, that pollssuggest that Jews are indeed more supportive of the Iran Deal than Americans overall.  

However, Neturei Karta is of course a fringe, extremistmovement which believes that Zionism is “a demonic force in the world”, and it’s extremely misleading for Economist

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