More narrative driven BBC portrayal of the ‘peace process’

BBC Watch

The February 15th meeting between the US president and the Israeli prime minister in Washington DC saw the BBC vigorously promoting the theme of a “major policy shift” on the part of the US administration with regard to the two-state solution:

BBC News and the US ‘major policy shift’ that wasn’t

BBC Radio 4 amplifies PLO interpretation of the two-state solution

BBC WS continues promotion of two-state solution narrative

The next day – February 16th – the BBC News website published an article titled “Israel-Palestinian conflict: US ‘thinking outside box’” which included clarification from a senior official.

‘The US ambassador to the UN has said her country “absolutely” supports the idea of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

But Nikki Haley also said the Trump administration was “thinking outside the box as well”, suggesting it was open to other possible solutions.

For many years, the US has advocated…

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BBC avoidance of term ‘terrorist’ in Israel stories surfaces again

BBC Watch

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As we have seen in previous posts, the BBC’s description of the man killed by Elor Azaria in Hebron last March have ranged from “Palestinian attacker” through “wounded Palestinian” to simply non-existent. None of the BBC’s reports used the word

BBC Radio 4, however, came up with different terminology.

Listeners to the 06:30 news bulletin in the February 21st edition of the ‘Today’ programme heard the following report (from 32:49 here) from newsreader Kathy Clugston: [emphasis added]

“A military court in Israel is due to sentence a soldier for the killing of a wounded Palestinian fighter. Elor Azaria was convicted of manslaughter last month in a case that’s caused division and strong feeling in Israel. He shot dead a man who was injured after he tried to kill members of the Israeli army.”

Once again we see that the BBC’s ineffectual…

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Guardian normalises antisemitism without even trying

UK Media Watch

On Dec. 12th The Guardian (and most other UK news outlets) reported that the government of Theresa May officially adopted the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism. Among the expressions of antisemitism included in the definition, as it relates to Israel, are “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis”.

As blogger David Collier demonstrated in a groundbreaking report released yesterday, such Nazi analogies (along with other expressions of antisemitism) are disturbingly common amongst members of the largest pro-Palestinian organisation in the UK, Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

With this in mind, note the photo used by the Guardian to illustrate a Feb. 23rd report on protests in Sydney – organised by Palestine Action Group – over the Israeli Prime Minister’s recent visit.


Remarkably, nowhere in the story (including in the photo caption) is the antisemitic placard – depicting the Jewish prime minister as Adolf Hitler –  even alluded to…

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